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you know if he's a fascist i don't care if he promises to secure the stability of my life and my people i will fight for him i think that's where we heading and i don't think our leaders have the vision to understand that's the threat that we face. china's property. fields become cities rivers water parks forests parking lots mostly empty. yana brings international performance the illusion of a thriving metropolis and the many have been in the on mobile economy chinese dream a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. ten years opposition leader rollo announces he's withdrawing from the presidential
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election. towards obama you're watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha also coming up countdown to catalonia has a big announcement to the regional leader arrives at parliament to make an important speech on the future of the region. and i see relationship grows even colder turkey's president calls for a battle meetings with the u.s. ambassador as tension grows between the two countries. with the wind driven event this fire change behavior very rapidly is moving throughout the area turned at one hundred people missing on twenty thousand evacuated as wildfires spread in the u.s. state of california. well let's just begin with the breaking news coming out of kenya its opposition
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leader. has withdrawn from the presidential election due to be run later this month rather had been numerous protests since the electoral body announced the incumbent president who rican yet or as the winner of the august eighth election let's get more on this with our correspondent term have of the day you covered the election mohammed it's an amazing announcement to make nobody was really expecting this this was huge this is really huge because. saved from the beginning that he was not going to take part in the elections if they're not reforms of the electoral commission and now that he's saying the electoral commission has refused to reform i think this is a very drastic measure he has taken perhaps with the hope that now people are going to listen to him more carefully and organize also reforms how does this actually play into the judgment of the supreme court that seemed to be on the side of the
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opposition leader when it came to the way they felt the election was run. well what the supreme court did was nullified the result and declare the election results and void which means they have agreed with the complaints presented to the court by a very low dingus party which would say that the election was rigged and the server was hocked into now what there was very little room for maneuver here sixty days and election have to be held. what trainer wanted was at first some extensive reforms of the electoral commission but later on he said that he was willing to have only the secretary of the the people one of the commissioners which would be very difficult to replace. to go and that's who he wanted to go the administrate if part of the commission. what we're seeing is
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a story where no one has left the electoral commission so far overall the supreme court was really clear in saying that it's the electoral commission that is to blame for the election results this creates now a huge problem across the public now possibly in kenya a real worry from regional capitals as well as the outside world looking at what has been in the in the past one of the most stable democracies in east africa ended well this increases the uncertainty that we've already been seeing in kenya ever since the supreme court declared the result nolen void but again there are not two ways about the elections have to be held on the twenty sixth it's up to railroading again to either reconsider that position has just taken and start campaigning and ask his followers to come out and vote for him or the. it's
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who becomes the only only only on the country is is it. simple as that if roediger does and has withdrawn from the election campaign is who can yet or then the incumbent president remain the president or other candidates where the other parties are could fight this election the supreme court decided that the contest was now between the two leading contenders who was declared the winner of the august election and reloading it now. there will be an issue of legitimacy definitely but again you cannot avoid those elections because not holding them will mean the country will be in a constitutional crisis for the moment and we have a thank you very much for giving us your input there let's cross over to the kenyan capital nairobi where catherine sawyer other correspondent is also waiting to speak to she also followed the election this news has come as quite a shock nobody was expecting it catherine. nobody wasn't expecting it so hill
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president at times indeed in kenya this press conference that we're talking about is still going on right now the other senior members of the nasser that opposition coalition have spoken and we were listening in to rial odinga making this statement saying that the national coalition has officially with the drone from the election and these are statements that we've been hearing for the last couple of days supporters of rial odinga other senior officials saying the same thing that they will both point the election the way even saying that we will not just will quote the election we will. there will be no elections so a lot of uncertainty there with people asking what does that statement mean that there will be no election doesn't mean that there's going to be disruptions particularly in the strongholds of rival odinga so this is quite surprising news and people are asking why is it that you know you go to courts the court rules in
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your favor and then you come and withdraw from the election and this election has been set up because of the petition that you filed by trial odinga said and you know he's not a correlation has been saying for haile that. b.c. that's electoral commission has you fused to even listen to some of the demands very reasonable demands they're saying that they have been making for example. has been saying that he doesn't want to go to an election that has been conducted by the same individuals who had participated all of us so the last election which he said was fraudulent he also said that some companies that were involved in the transmission of results that were involved in the printing of ballot papers should be replaced as well. the official saying that this cannot happen the time is too short for this they have very little time to prepare for a loading that there in that press conference saying that he will not participate in another fraudulent election in another show dili. plan the election he will not
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let it be because there is no fair playing ground if that's the case catherine then we can see. on our camera screens to the right of the current speaker who is at the podium at the moment he's wearing the orange tie they're listening intently as are all of those opposition members and coalition partners with. what sort of perhaps you might be able to answer this as succinctly but what sort of constitutional problems this is cause now if you have the only presidential candidate let's just question it a moment let's just listen to what the opposition leader has to say he's going to the microphone again. and. then. in this very presidential election.
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first. following the notification of the presidential election if all goes to under seventeen and his subsequent because it burned by the commission on the undersigned as presidential candidate and learning made for the pleasure election that he should use for twenty six hundred seventeen we hear way with the draw kind of each are really immediate if. you're fearfully and on the way. one of us can cannot i'm sure can. making a very clear short statement at this live press conference about what he intends to do. by the independent. electoral commission on the tenth of october. and there you have
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it it was quite expecting him to come back to the podium again. the man who was fighting the incumbent president let's go about katharine so he's been watching events for us catherine this is sort of created sort of constitutional crisis doesn't it if you have only two presidential candidates for the election itself then one actually withdrawal surely the incumbent becomes the president if he's not willing to fight another election is a real dilemma not just for the election commission but are we heading back to the courts again. that is the big question it is a dig their member the law is kind of silent about a lot of this things that the constitution is clear about what happens even a sitting president is in this post what happens a candidate draws but again to believe the party that's the ruling party officials led by the president have been going around saying that the election is
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going to happen anyway and the president is going to be declared a winner and all posed with hard today i e b c also saying that the election is going to carry on despite a low dingoes withdrawal but beside the constitutional problems despite despite the low that is a big vague and doesn't really envisage this situation what people are really questioning is the legitimacy of who to a national press presidency now and like you rightly mentioned there's only two candidates on the ballot paper of four now there's a sag candidate who went to court demanding to be on the ballot paper was not had a ruling for that case yet but for now only two candidates in that eve rial odinga withdraws like he has is really going to question the legitimacy of who was he not as president if he did is because as israel odinga has huge support as well east the last election is anything to go by he has he had about more than six million
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people voting for him so this splits the country right in the middle of the list of voters so people will say you know right loading the withdrawal a routine matter is declared president is sworn in but that means leaving a country very deeply divided he's only elected by one half of the country so it's really a test to the legit he must see of all who are looking at a presidency and people saying that you know going forth is going to be very difficult for. king arthur two really dumb people say he is a president who has been elected by the people of kenya if this is the case now where we're seeing rollo doing a withdrawal from this race one wonders how the public at large are going to react because the party. followers a coalition partners are saying that they want to see widespread widespread national demonstrations in the country on wednesday with the slogan of no reforms
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no elections great slogans to have but at the end of the day there will be obviously some sort of as we've just mentioned and just talked about some legal avenues that will have to be crossed and addressed to find out who actually is running this country after the twenty sixth of october. absolutely and again it depends to so hale who you talk to in kenya like i said the country is deeply divided people who are supporting royal loading they say that he is well within his rights to withdraw from the election that there is no way that their leader can participate in the election they feel is already planned ahead is already an election that is how can you see an election that is already there talking about there's already plans to read they're talking about. the electoral commission not really doing what they should do for example making sure that the people who oversaw the last election are not in charge of this election as well so people
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saying he supporters are a lot in there saying that he's well within his rights and like i said we've been hearing this of fourth and other senior leaders of the national coalition saying that we will not just voice for the election there will not be an election so what does this mean and like i said a lot of people why read about the consequences of that if the election is going to take place anyway on the twenty sixth are people in dialogue strongholds going to vote and eve they vote what's going to happen are there going to be disruptions there they're returning officers who are supposed to be transmitting election results forms to the national center is this going to happen and even results from those areas that right where realizing that supporters are strongholds of rye loading the if those areas don't vote and results form are not transmitted to the national telling center on what does this mean legally so
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a lot of loopholes like you say and this leaves room for you know one feel action is done for the night as presidency to be challenged in court for the moment. catherine saw in ten years from one constitutional crisis in the south africa. go to one in europe because we're just two hours away from knowing the direction of catalonia is relationship with spain in which direction will it head that's when the catalan regional president. makes a speech revealing if he will follow through on a vote to secede from spain well for the very latest let's go to chona holly hughes outside the catalonia parliament in barcelona very specific timeline of events joe knew and all eyes really on barcelona where you are right now. yes i don't think anybody can remember or possibly even imagine the level of focus of attention on this building behind me the reason or parliament of catalonia and indeed all of
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this taking place as well under huge security a very strong presence of the squad or a couple own is police force here as well as we await any moment now in fact the arrival of carlos. the regional president who will give that address in just under two hours time and the big question everybody wants to know of course is will he or won't he use the occasion to declare independence from spain following that referendum on on october the first a referendum deemed illegal by madrid well let's talk a little bit more about this with my guests he's a lecturer in international politics at the university of barcelona thanks for joining us on your what do you think will he or won't he i think you want. mainly right now trapped between the water many people expect from him and what he knows there could be way for the cotton society so i think he's going to find a farmer which carrying something similar to independence but not putting it into action today gives a bit of time for
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a possible international mediation that is that's going to require some pretty fancy footwork isn't it in the speech because there's a huge amount of pressure on him to do it from the two million plus people who voted for it and the rest there's also a huge amount of pressure on him not to do. to step back from the brink pressure from madrid from other european capitals is not an easy position but he was willing to be in this position we should not forget. that had a different president thought because many of the reasons he was kind of pushed away from the far left. for not being. dependent or enough willing to take risks now pushed him on has been willing from the beginning to take this role and. this two things now but set i think the whole point of man has been really really well designed and they have very good assessors in the background designing
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every single speech every single movement so i'm guessing they have somehow designed a very original formula that will make happy or unhappy if if if as you say then the drama of the last two weeks just not immediately result in a declaration of independence but it does seem to have resulted in it seems to me is a deeply divided catalonia. that's divided we have seen. the last days mainly because until last week many of os wanted to believe that there was not such a division that it just did not exist maybe at home you could have different opinions with people but the vision was not huge and non independence movement that it wanted to say that the vision was here now this past week with sand on the more serious or the more stronger the steps are in the part of the pundits movement the
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more visible the voices or the the louder the voices from the non-independent movement grow and raise as people realize presumably just what is at stake the potential for a catalonia outsiders outside of europe that has been one of the main lacks of this whole process that this has not been explained great song on those we'll leave it thank you very much in just under two hours now we have a pretty good idea of where things are going to go but some astride of course will come back to you and our correspondents across spain who are covering this story thank you. now liberians are casting their votes to elect a new president to replace ellen johnson sirleaf africa's first elected female leader twenty candidates are in the race to succeed the nobel peace prize winner president sirleaf is stepping down after serving two terms in office the election marks the west african nation's first democratic transfer of power since nine hundred forty four turkey's government will no longer recognize the u.s. ambassador to the country it's the latest twist in the diplomatic route between the
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two nato allies as the rest of their birth or one says meetings with washington's ambassador to ankara john bass will be boycotted to you would it in our prosecution is convinced the arrested official has links with fit to like you and the police have the evidence the employee has no diplomatic immunity and arrest warrant has also been issued for another employee all these show that there is something wrong going on at the u.s. consulate in istanbul negotiators from rival palestinian political movements fatah and hamas are in cairo for dogs on reconciling their decade long split it follows last week's palestinian authority cabinet meeting attended by both sides the first to be held in gaza in three years the split began in the aftermath of hamas as election victory in two thousand and six two thousand and seven a mass defeated farter in street battles taking full control of the gaza strip and since then reconciliation have broken down within weeks or months the talks in
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cairo designed to implement steps agreed in a deal signed six years ago also in the egyptian capital but divisive issues remain to be resolved from five to get employment for both groups personal to the future of her master's partial military wing how the force it has more for in the occupied west bank. well after hamas has decision to dissolve its administrative committee and then the arrival in gaza last week of the palestinian authority government for the handover of ministerial power now we get to the real crux of the issue the time when the hard talks have to start face to face between representatives of hamas and fatah in cairo and so far the signs have been relatively positive from both sides i think that's to one extent because of that the fact there is some initial momentum given by what has already happened and also because of egypt's backing of this egypt is very keen to see that there isn't any immediate at least breakdown in
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this process and that has been reflected in some optimism on the streets here in ramallah and gaza but also through the prism of experience of bitter disappointment over the last ten years. since all our time on the field hopefully there will be reconciliation it would result in achievements for all palestinians. honestly i could not trust them sixty five years of age and i have never seen a more anxious were they people but those two i mean hamas but now the question is exactly how much has to be arranged in these initial talks in cairo will it be a case of trying to get to some intermediary situation whereby the p.a. does take full control again in gaza and starts to give services and more prospects for employments the things that people there are so desperate for while putting to one side the more difficult issues the thornier subjects such as the military wing of hamas such as who exactly polices and how they police the internal
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security guards as well those are the issues which things of run up against in the past and have caused the divisions to to remain in place certainly president president mahmoud abbas the palestinian authority president has made it clear that he doesn't want to see hezbollah style arrangements such as that in. lebanon where there is no alternative center of power a military center of power outside a civilian administration and yet how masters said that their military wing is not on the table for talks at all so if there is some arrangement whereby that is not yet broached at some stage in the future it will have to be a military buildup continues on turkey's border with syria where a major operation is expected turkey's supporting a campaign to secure the city of rebels last stronghold in the country but civilians still live in fear as hashim by reports. this is a turkish base in the southern town of ray hadley sitting on top of
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a hill that overlooks syria the base is surrounded by tanks and artillery it's quiet here for the time being what's behind these hills convoys of the free syrian army crossing into syria ahead of a major military campaign. turkey says the cross border campaign is part of a deal to secure the city's mostly controlled by hate. vs a former al-qaeda affiliate. the group rejects a recent deal between turkey iran and russia to set up a deescalation zone in the province. civilians are concerned about a major confrontation between the turkish army and yes we reject any intervention and out of the campaign has any benefits from muslims and that's fine . if it takes into edler peacefully and in court the nation would hate the idea of
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a sham that's fine but if enter the country along with the fifty fighters they're not good at or we detect it. is the only province in syria still under rebel control but the opposition is losing ground government troops backed by russia say they are determined to take back it live syrian and russian warplanes have recently increased their airstrikes dozens of civilians were killed turkey says his ultimate goal is to any threats coming from rebel kurdish factions operating on its border but it's unclear at this stage whether turkey would stay longer in northern syria or will hand over the administration of civilian opposition body once the province is cleared of high definition fighters. are the time. u.s. bank syrian kurdish fighters are preparing for
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a final push to retake neighborhoods still held by i still in the city of raka and i was wall's the group's self-proclaimed capital operation to retake the city with the backing of the u.s. and support has been ongoing since june. and both syrian government forces and the fight is a continuing to battle isolated daters who are province it's the last major stronghold in eastern syria russian backed syrian troops have been pushing along the western bank of the euphrates river with s.t.'s fighters on the east and that now wildfires in the u.s. state of california have left ten people dead and more than one hundred missing six thousand homes and businesses have been destroyed the governor of california has declared a state of emergency in seven counties rob reynolds has more from los angeles much of california is burning or at risk of going up in flames from north to south in the most populous us state more than twenty major fires are burning with nearly
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thirty thousand hectors already scorched thousands of homes and other buildings have been destroyed at least twenty thousand people have been evacuated including patients at two hospitals the fire sprang up quickly thing and by winds gusting up to eighty kilometers per hour and aided by extremely low you miltie these kind of conditions the rest is just a stream of new stars and that's really what happened last night and this morning the plan that's going online to have these explosive conditions in the famous napa and sonoma county wine country home to some of california's finest vineyards residents were alerted near midnight and told they had only minutes to get out in southern california smoke and flames were visible in a major fire in anaheim the location of disneyland. with the wind driven event this fire changed behavior very rapidly and is moving throughout the area so that's why
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we've expanded evacuation orders and we did ask people to heed those warnings firefighters are spread thin but meteorologists say the winds should die down soon giving hope they can get the fires under control rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles campaigning has begun for japan's general election the prime minister shinzo he was hoping to take advantage of an opposition caught off guard by a sniper lection. reports from tokyo new political parties could make this election unpredictable. campaigning is underway for japan's snap elections prime minister shinzo all by his liberal democratic party holds a two thirds majority but the coalition partner has kickstarted his bid to stay in office and. i would like to create a society where everybody has a chance when abi announced an early election weeks ago he said it was to give his government a strong mandate to handle any national crisis the country might face. his words
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now seem prescient given the latest corporate scandal to hit japan just as he's trying to revive the country's flag economy kobe steel the country's third biggest steelmaker admitted on sunday to fabricating data to show its products met customer specifications the companies at mission follow similar scandals by big japanese brand names including toshiba which have reported inflated profits abbay is also expected to face a strong challenge from the newly formed party of hope founded by tokyo governor. she's not running for parliament but is leading the campaign to draw voters away from the ruling party which has been plagued by domestic scandals. let's put an end to politics dominated by upping your vote although the party of hope is seen as the biggest challenger to the ruling party or. early election could work against it and
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in our favor. when i was running for governor i had great expectations and voted for her but now i don't feel the same when it comes to who to vote for i might still want to vote for but like a safe option two i'm still struggling to decide. the upcoming elections also take place just as the country faces an escalating security threat from north korea the ruling party in the hope party both seek to revise japan's pacifist constitution to allow the country's military to take a more active role a small minority however including the new left leaning constitutional democratic party of japan oppose a constitutional with vision but could still take votes away the merchants of two new political parties has made this election a lot less predictable and if the ruling party things to win even a simple majority analysts say that well put pressure on our day to resign it's a gamble the prime minister has judged is worth taking florence to tokyo.
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they want you out of their arms the whole problem these are all top stories breaking news of course coming out of kenya that the opposition leader there. has withdrawn from the presidential election due to be rerun later this month and he's called the days of protests and has accused his rival incumbent president. of paying supporters to switch sides are being humorous protests since electoral body announced as the winner of the august eighth election. in the presidential election. when the implication of the presidential election erlend if organs going to seventeen and there's subsequent because it went by the commission on the undersigned as been the danger
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of going to do it and learning made for the visualisation the should you drink is. two hundred seventeen you hear the drawer kind of it really. fit. well in spain pressure is mounting on the cattle and president. two who is meeting his team at parliament in barcelona ahead of what could be his historic speech there's speculation that he could announce catalonia independence but the spanish government insists the country will not be divided turkey's president reza die by the one says his government no longer recognizes the american ambassador there is the latest twist in the diplomatic dispute that began when a u.s. consular employee was arrested in istanbul liberians are casting their votes to elect a new president to replace ellen johnson sirleaf africa's first elected female leader twenty candidates are in the race to succeed the nobel peace prize winner president sirleaf is stepping down after serving two terms in office wildfires in the u.s.
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state of california left ten people dead and more than one hundred missing six thousand homes and businesses have been destroyed the governor of the state of california has declared a state of emergency in seven counties those were the headlines the newsgroup is on in thirty minutes next on al-jazeera is the story do stay with us. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. hi anthony ok and join the stream live on al-jazeera and you cheap what happens if catalonia really declares independence from spain its meantime day.


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